This 1'200 square meter villa is set along the lakeside of Burlington, Canada. Its conception revolves around two central ideas – the concept of the finite ruin versus the ephemeral structure, and the formal qualities provoked by shifting tectonic plates.

Thus, the lower and ground floor make the podium, the longstanding base, built to outlast generations. The top floor beholds the lake-view and feather light it will be outlived by its foundations.

The tectonic shift occurs between the three layers, yanking and rotating the middle story slightly to the side. An ideal living condition is forged – vast scenery from the summit; nature's embedding beauty from the central story; and instant relation to earth and water within the lower floor.

Year: 2014
Location: Toronto, Canada
Status: Idea
Program: Residential

Client: Private
Size: 1’240 m2
Project: 1313_COL