The making of a temporary architectural installation is an instructive task for an architect. It is an incentive to cross boundaries and become highly proactive with a particular environment.

Set on the Thames River in London, the tidal section becomes the starting point for this investigation. With a rise and fall of seven meters, this project uses the tide as a driving force to change its spatial configurations. The structure pivots around the embankment parapet shifting from horizontal to vertical likeness. This ever-changing structure forges awareness and instructs the spectator to recognize the on-going water cycle.

Year: 2008
Location: London, England
Status: Built
Program: Pavillion

Client: London Festival of Architecture
Size: 8 m2
Project: 0801_OVE
Project Credits: Alice EPFL
Team: Christopher Tan, Dieter Dietz, Olivier Ottevaere, Daniel Pokora, Marc Schmit, ALICE EPFL students: Monica Rita Basbouss Moukarzel, Malaïca Cimenti, Esteban Coto Chavarria, Nathalie Egli, Clio Gachoud, Loïc Jacot-Guillarmod, Minh-Luc Pham, Edouard Philippe, Sandro Tonietti, Andrès Tovar Nuez, Auguste Michaud