Imagine an underground metro in Switzerland that travels up to five hundred kilometers per hour, connecting cities in nearly twelve minutes; Geneva-Lausanne 12 minutes, Geneva-Berne 24 minutes, Geneva-Zurich 36 minutes! These are the objectives for the audacious SwissMetro. As the main node of the Swiss network, Zurich is the main focus of the project.
The generator of the project is the Swissmetro station, found at 50 metres below city level, and a public plaza is created at 35 meters below ground. From this level both the city above and the metro platform below are in direction visual interaction. The lower plaza is subsequently covered by a soccer stadium and held together by the means of three exoskeleton towers that act as pillars and converging point for the ensemble of the architectural brief.

Peter is an architecture. Peter is a super-structural composite. Peter is a territorial  quest. Peter is a hyper-composite body.

Year: 2012
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Status: Research
Program: Public

Client: —
Size: 180’000 m2
Project: 1201_PET