Precision in Procedure: Crafting construction success from design to completion

Let’s face it, it’s all in the procedure. As with everything else, a thorough procedure is the grease to any analog mechanism. Though the procedure may vary depending on the type and size of the project, there are steps that remain constant for a successful project:

  • Definition of Objectives:
    • Scope of works, methodological approach.
  • Preliminary Studies:
    • Definition of the construction project, feasibility study, and procedure for selecting consultants.
  • Project Study:
    • Preliminary design.
    • Detailed design.
    • Permit procedure.
  • Tendering:
    • Issuing tenders, comparing offers, and making a selection proposal.
  • Implementation and construction:
    • Execution plans.
    • Construction execution.
    • Commissioning and completion.

It is not necessarily a linear process but all items must be followed thoroughly to complete a project successfully. The items above can be extended further to showcase the complexity of the procedure, for instance:

  • Project Study:
    • Preliminary design:
      • Data collection and analysis.
      • Schematic at the appropriate scale.
      • Rough cost estimate.
    • Detailed design:
      • Design development at various appropriate scales.
      • Quality standards definitions.
      • Detail conception and principles.
      • Cost estimate.
    • Permit procedure:
      • Legal administration.
      • Coordination with the canton’s construction departments.
      • Small project adaptations.
      • Permit application file.
  • Tendering:
    • Issuing tenders, comparing offers, and making a selection proposal:
      • Adaption of plans for tender file.
      • Tender document.
      • Comparing filled tenders.
      • Selection proposal.

This small exercise can give us a glimpse of the complexity that goes into a successful project. Understanding these principles allows us to custom-fit a procedure to any type or size of project. Precision in the procedure remains the simplest way to efficiently control the multitude of variables that come with every project.  

A.H. 07.2023

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