Unlocking potential with tenders: Construction’s effective defenders!

Tender documents are essential for any construction project or procurement process because they provide a clear and detailed description of the work to be done. Here are a few advantages of the tender :

Competitive bidding:
Tender documents are typically used to solicit bids from multiple sub-contractors or general contractors, allowing you to compare different subs’ price returns and select the one that best meets your needs.

Clarity and transparency:
By clearly outlining the scope of work, tender documents help ensure that all bidders have a common understanding of the project or procurement. This can help prevent misunderstandings or disputes during the construction phase. This also allows us to compare an apple to an apple.

Legal requirements:
For all public works, that reach a certain amount, you are required by Swiss law to follow a formal tendering process when awarding contracts for construction or procurement. Tender documents provide a clear framework for this process, ensuring that you are in compliance with any applicable laws or regulations.

Risk management:
Tender documents can also help you manage risk by specifying requirements such as norms (SIA, BPA, SN, etc.), insurance, warranties, and quality assurance. This can help ensure that the work delivered meets your standards and minimize the risk of costly problems or delays. 

Tender documents are an important tool for managing construction projects or procurement processes, providing clarity, transparency, and risk management for all parties involved.

A.H. 06.2023

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