L’étoile d’Avenches

One of several ancient Roman landmarks in Switzerland, this two thousand year old open-air amphitheater in the small town of Avenches is subject to an unprecedented innovation. The site is home to countless festivals, many of which depend on the cooperation of mother-nature to provide ideal weather conditions to ensure financial success.

Together with a team of naval and civil engineers, we propose a dynamic lightweight structure that bridges 80 meters in diameter and acts as a viable protection from elements when conditions should require. Combining the archaic structure of the bicycle wheel and cutting edge technology in pneumatic structures, a hybrid configuration is formed that is both retractable and mobile; and in parallel reducing considerably the impact on the amphitheater.

Year: 2013
Location: Avenches, Switzerland
Status: Idea
Program: Public

Client: Comune d’Avenches
Size: 5’000 m2
Project: 1202_AVE
Engineers: Heinrich Schnetzer, Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure
Inflating Engineer: Edouard Kessi, Next Technologies